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I'm very sorry to say that I will not be updating this site for a while. The new Napster versions will require a monthly fee of around the average price of one CD. And because I have a Macintosh (I know, I know...) I cannot find a worthy Napster clone because they're all for Windows. Also, my banner exchange service and my counter went away because of the dotcom meltdown. So, check out my jHoll site for now.

"Dependent Infant"
Independent Women
Parody of "Independent Women" byDestiny's Child
"Wants Me Dead"
Conspiracy of One
Parody of "Want You Bad" by the Offspring
"Home Alone"
Parody of "Broken Home" by
Papa Roach
"The Engine That Could"
Parody of "Boyz in the Hood" by
Dynamite Hack