Quasi-Legal Stuff
  1. Unauthorized use of the parodies displayed on the Parodise website is strictly prohibited. Taking partial or full credit for the lyrics is strictly prohibited, with or without permission. Other felonies include but are not limited to altering the lyrics, distributing the lyrics for free or for money, recording the lyrics, and/or selling the lyrics in highly-priced CDs at Sam Goody. Consequences of these charges include flame e-mail and unwanted porno spam directly from the webmaster.
  2. Any original writer(s) of any of the parodies displayed on the Parodise website are allowed to request the lyrics be taken off. If this occurs, the webmaster and designer of the Parodise website will be overrun with joy, because the site must be popular enough to get the parodees’ attentions.
  3. If any viewer has taken offense from any of the parodies displayed on the Parodise site, please use the contact page to notify the parodist. The parodist will thereby decide whether his/her lyrics are offensive or you are just a pansy.
  4. Persons using AOL or any other non-Internet Explorer/Netscape may not be able to view the site as the designer intended it to be. Any damage done to the viewer’s browser, harddrive, or any other computer related thing is not the responsibility of the webmaster or designer. If either of these occurs, you probably needed an upgrade, anyway.
  5. Parodies submitted to the website will not be altered in any way, even if it is really horrible. Not that the horrible ones will be displayed.
  6. Any hacking or tampering with the Parodise website will result in the convicteds receiving punishments similar to those described in article 1.
  7. Although these statements are labeled "Quasi-Legal" and are riddled with bits of humor, they should be taken seriously. Seriously.