Canon in Vitamin C
Facetious lyrical adaptation of: "Graduation Song (Friends Forever)" by Vitamin C (C. Fitzpatrick)
New lyrics by: John Holland
Author's Note: This one is unpredictable. You never know what "she's" gonna say next.

Hi, if you don't know me, my name's Vitamin C
I took this little ditty from Canon in D
What, you say you never ever heard of that song
Well, the only difference is I got one chord wrong
And that little bitty chord is about to arrive
Listen to it now: la - la - la!
The original song had an F# minor
But due to legal reasons we changed it to a major
But that's not the only reason that we changed it
It also really just seemed to fit
My manager said it was a nice progression
But he wasn't happy 'bout this little confession
He said the Pachelbel Fan Club will really get mad
I said "Don't you worry 'bout it, Dad"
By now you're prob'ly gettin' really bored
You're tired of hearin' about this stupid chord

And this is how it sounds

And my dad said it was legal
Now I'm living so darn regal
Pachelbel is, I'm afraid
Turning over in his grave

Surprise, surprise! These aren't innocent eyes
There's one more song that I've plagiarized
Blue Traveler and their hit song "Hook"
But that was worth more than the time it took
So there's something that makes it worse than the verse before
Their song has the exact same chords
Including the notorious F# major
Oh, look, I got a call on my fancy little pager
It's John Popper and he's suing me for all I've got
Boy it's good that I'm high on pot
Or else I'd be in some real deep crap
'Cuz on weed you just can't distinguish the gap
Between a big hairy lawsuit and a little fight
This should blow over by tonight
Oh no, the men in white coats are here
It's the end of the song, why don't I hear a cheer?

And this is how it sounds

Now I'm at the looney bin
A drug rehab center I'm also in
If I get out on probation
I'll try and conquer every radio station