The Engine That Could
Parody of: "Boyz in the Hood" by Dynamite Hack (M. Morris, C. Robinson, C. Texas, M. Vlahakis)
New lyrics by: John Holland
Author's Note: This is pretty cool. Oh, by the way, the original lyrics are by Ice Cube, Eazy-E, and Dr. Dre. But this parody is written to the tune that Dynamite Hack wrote.

He woke up quick
Had a job, now
Just thought
That he had to be
In Toytown soon
He's gotta get them
Toys over da hill
Befo' them kids start
Whinin' and gettin' ill
About to go and
All the sudden went dead
Ole Red Engine just
Can't start up again
The toys got out
To find a sub
But couldn't
In all da hubbub
One old engine
Just wouldn't do
And another thought
Toys were fo' foo's
They'z about to give up
When they saw a sight
An idle blue engine
That'd do alright

They went over to 'im to say
"Can you get up da hill on this fine day
We had a ride
But he's broken down
So now we can't get
To da kids in Toytown

Other engines just
Would not help
One too old,
One too well
We'z about to give up
But saw you
So whaddaya say
Will ya help us, dude?"

He thought about it
Long and hard
Life had dealt him
A wild card
He'd nevah had a job
Like dis befo'
But he agreed to it, he couldn't say no

'Cause the engine that could
'D work really hard
Try an' get dat hill
T' seem really small
Wasn't sure if he could
But he'd try his best
Try an' do it wit ease
And not make a mess

Set to go
And he got his load
Come on, let's
Get the show on the road
Started on up
And it wasn't dat tough
'Bout halfway up it got a little rough
Closed his eyes
And he start thinkin'
"I can do this"
But he started stinkin'
"I think I can,
I think I can"
But things weren't goin' just as planned
Started to slow
And da toys got worried
The meats got scared
And the fruits got furry
Almost there but
He can't go farther
So the toys whipped his butt
And dey made him go harder
Got to da top
Wouldn't you know
He started coastin' down da drop
Like nevah befo'
He smiled a big smile
And da load cheered loud
But he could not stop
So he crashed in da town

'Cause the engine that could
Work really hard
Gettin' up a hill
That wasn't small
Wasn't sure if he could
But he tried his best
One thing's fo' sho'
He made a mess

Little engine wrecked
But it's all right
Chillun got dey toys
Ain't gonna cry
Engine, cry