The Plane
Parody of: "The Way" By Fastball (T. Scalzo, M. Zuniga, J. Shuffield)
New lyrics by: John Holland
Author's Note:

(Sounds of an airplane PA system, like the pilot speaking and the stewards going over safety procedures)

They made up their checks
And they started packing
They left before the sun went down that day
An exit to the international airport
But where were they going?
Oh yeah, I remember, L.A.

They drank up the Sprite
And they stopped their talking
They now had less important things to say (to the flight attendants, that is)
And when the film began they started snoring
But where were they going?
Oh yeah, I remember, L.A.

Anyone can see the plane that they fly on
Is not very old
And it's always heated
They'll never get cold
They'll never get shaky
The pilots are bold and brave
You can see their shadows wandering off to the bathrooms
They're always occupied,
Never vacant
They wanted vacation
They're happier there, anyway
The plaaaaaaane

The children woke up
And it started landing
They arrived after the sun went down that day
They just drove off in their rental Isuzu (We need a vaction)
But where is the hotel in which
They are going to stay?

Anyone can see the map that they're using
Is horribly old
"Where the heck are the interstates?
This is prob'ly worth gold
The guy who drew this
Is probably cold and dead!"
So they went to the store
And they got a new map
They got to the hotel
They took a little nap
They had a great time
But soon they'll be on the plane
The plaaaaaaane


We need a vacation...